Corporate Social Responsibility

The  Corporate Social Responsibility is a  policy  of  the  business  entity which provides  for  an  implementation strategy which includes identification of projects/activities, setting measurable physical targets with timeframe,  organizational  mechanism  and  responsibilities,  time  schedules  and monitoring.

  Our Company  partners  with  various autonomous bodies, local  authorities,  business  associations  and  civil  society/non-government  organizations.  They  may  influence  the  supply  chain  for  CSR  initiative  and  motivate  employees for voluntary effort for social development. They may evolve a system of need assessment and impact assessment while undertaking CSR activities in a particular area.

Our organisation formulates  a  Corporate Social Responsibility  policy  to  guide  its strategic planning and provide a roadmap for its CSR initiatives, which  should be an integral part of overall business policy aligned with its  business goals. The policy should be framed with the participation of various level executives and should be approved by the Board. All of these are recognized as shared responsibilities within the Group, enabling the continuous improvement of its operations.

The ultimate objective is to see that each business decision takes into account its social impact and accordingly plans an intervention to mitigate the impacts arising out of that decision. It is equally important to ascertain that every activity done under CSR makes a socially responsible business sense.